Just need business cards, aaaand…!

I'm feeling rather inspired today. Today, I received a freelance job offer from my friend Maria Fargo that has me humming and hmmmming right now! She's doing a…Portfolio?…Thing?…For a client that needs either stock photography or actual…Good god, I can't write right now. My brain just refuses to give me the right words at 10:30 am for some reason…ACTUAL HIGHLIGHTS OF THEIR BUSINESS AND PROCEDURE. So, it could be super easy or super involved ~ we're going to discuss it over wine and friends tonight. But, she's spending their money, which is nice so I don't have to feel bad about charging her, hahaha. But yes — this is something I've talked about wanting to do for some time and this is a great, great lucky break for me because it means I can showcase actual customer images in a portfolio, rather than just hobby stock images.

I've had high hopes for 2013 from the beginning ~ my uncle and I have been talking about money strategies and the stuff I wrote about below. I've been considering, in his words, "how to make Earl Goodson a brand," which I only vaguely understand but still is of importance if I want to do what I wish to do and on my own terms. This is part of it: taking what I enjoy and becoming an expert in it! Don't you agree, Mr. Alan Watts? Photography I've reached a critical point on ~ I do believe I'm good enough to start charging, but I need to invest in better equipment from this point on if I want to up my rates (and move to a better area of the country). My Rebel XTi is more or less the very basic of entry-level SLR-type cameras. Its JUUUUUUUST good enough, y'know? But it won't compete with the lower-end 15-20 mp cameras that are pretty standard these days amongst my potential competitors. But I have the advantage of not wanting to make this my solo occupation, but rather supplement my income with it, so I can keep my prices lower 😀

What else?…I know I need to write about my mother, but I haven't found the words or courage just yet, so I'm continuing to focus on the happy and exciting for now.

I've my sights set on the West Coast still. Especially the Emerald City of Seattle. I got my first mini-taste when I flew back across the Pacific from China in November. I was in super-savings mode plus Mom had just had a seizure so I was in a knot of worry and I did all of NOTHING while I was there, but it was still nice after the drab grey of Eastern China to just STARE at the detail in the overcast sky…Even flying in from SFO…To see the city framed by mountains and rays of God streaming from the mist…It really spoke to me. YES. I can make my home here. I've found possibilities in my field and without –  you would not BELIEVE the jobs I'm chomping at the bit for. Craigslist had an ad for…Certified Hypnotists (yes, you CAN be a certified one!..) and "Not Certified? Don't worry! We'll train the right applicant!" Yeah, I sent a resume and cover letter. Even better was an ESL position for refugees from Africa and Asia. They want people with experience in the field for a 10-week class series designed to get adults motivated and ready to job-seek. I would LOVE the position — even though it starts April 8th, which is hella-close, but it would be the perfect opportunity to sustain me there while I try and find something real.

Interestingly, my brother has also had his sights on Seattle for quite some time ~ longer than me, in fact, so it would be rather neat to be in the same city and crash each other's apartments drunk…Until we annoy one another and tell the other to fuck off. Ah, family..

I need to go work out. Peace, non-existent reader-base! Here's to (yet again) dusting off this journal and making it amusing!..

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