The Discordant Time Traveler

My book idea is still afloat ~ and I've been getting rather surprising results from it. For one, it keeps morphing into this…Quasi-meditation manual. Which is fine, but I definitely want to incorporate travelogue and humor and not have it be too heavy. So, I don't want the reader to be stuck in my head the entire time. A few weeks ago, my brain was burning with ideas and I'd just find moments to stand in the pantry of the hotel I'm working at and just write as fast as I could. I tried sharing my idea with people and got…Ambivalence. I guess that's what it means to have a vision~ you remain excited by the artistic vision only you can see no matter how poorly your spoken words convey it to others.

I have a title I really like which will help convey the structure of the novel a bit. I think I like "The Discordant Time Traveller."

..Kind of a mouthful, but in a pleasing, full-bodied meatloaf kind of way. Why?

Because the book will bounce back and forth through my experiences and my perceptions of them without following a chronological sequence. Sometimes it will start from the present moment…Other times, I will describe myself in the present and be musing over a past instance…Other times I'll be in the present, but in the past relative to the last chapter, and then musing about past or future…Hence…Discordant Time Traveller. :cD

Brain sting, yet?

(also, my computer is telling me its Traveller, not Traveler. I feel like that's British English?…Or maybe I just can't spell as well as I think. Either way ~ AMERICA, FUCK YEAH, GET WITH IT, LAPTOP)

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