Breakfast Ninja!

I'm pleased with myself ~ I've been in a breakfast mood over the course of this week for whatever reason…And so I decided to pop my head in the fridge and see if I couldn't whip myself up an omelette. I've never actually made one, and it's not like I order them regularly, so it was a rather odd sort of pregnancy craving to have, but there it is. I wanted an omelette; and it just so happened that we had leftover steak cubes, chopped portabellas and some slices of swiss in the fridge along with plenty of eggs. Added a splash of milk as per some online instructions to make the omelette fluffier (it worked) and I had a beautiful plate of proteiny goodness.

My word…I almost took a photograph. And then I remembered I was hungry so I ate it instead. I'm going to make some man very happy the night after…Someday…Maybe.

Now I'm sad. Time for another omelette.

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