An Amusing Recollection..

So after my job interview in New York City, I met my friend Amir, whom I met via OKCupid. That makes the very first time I've made a connection IN PERSON through online dating, which is both exciting AND depressing considering how damn long I've been at it. Either way, after some dinner and drinks, we went to a bar near his place whose name escapes me as my second or third drink was playing on my nerves by then (and then there were more, of course). And I found myself rather taken with a man dancing there…Shaved bald, nice chest and arms, jeans hugging a rather epic behind…Oh, and he was less than 5 feet tall.

Disclaimer: …Yeah. I will note that I feel mildly ashamed considering I was there to meet Amir, BUT we'd tried some hanky panky earlier and it was pretty obvious he wasn't overly attracted to me at all even before then. In that "yeah, so is that cake good or what?!" whenever I say "you are one sexy man.." sort of way….Surprisingly, not as awkward as you might think since I spent most of the two days on my own, but we were solidly in the "friends category." That said, I should have had more class…Back to our regularly scheduled program…

Oh, and he was less than 5 feet tall. Not a midget or dwarf; entirely well-proportioned, believe me. So we danced, passed some snacks between our lips and then started making out…A lot…Because I'm a good kisser but he was so much better. At first it kind of sucked, because we were so mismatched. I had to stoop..And then I sat…And then we danced. And then he jumped up onto me and I just held onto him. Amir and his friend later informed me it was pretty hilarious to watch, and I have to agree ~ it was sort of like making out with a sexy bag of groceries.

So shoulda gotten the number off those groceries…

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