Touchdown in Alaska — Let the Adventure Begin!

I've made it to Alaska! Just arrived in Juneau — and entirely unsure of the proper pronunciation! But for now I'm just content to look out of the window and take in the gorgeous scenery! Flying in, I was mesmerized by the view outside…Wrinkled, snowcapped peaks with belts of blue leading towards the nearby Pacific and fluffy white clouds floating between with nary a city in sight. Definitely brings to mind the idea of "untamed, unspoiled wilderness." Though, as the plane started coming down into Juneau, I was mildly concerned — see, all that snow looked nice from afar, but I certainly didn't want to return to Buffalonian conditions! But luckily, it was not to be! The temperature's around 45 and the snow is very light. Even Alaska is nicer than Buffalo, it would seem (though I AM a good ways South!..)

I met my first Alaskan as well…I was eager to see if there is an Alaskan accent, but he was raised in Washington so I can't count that just yet. Redhead by the name of Homer, looking to take over the family fishing business for the season. Yes, that is a verrrrrry Alaskan thing to do, says my newly-acclimated sensibilities. *nods sagely*

Still not in Sitka just yet as the flight has been delayed, but soon I trust. Because I'm already losing things (left my phone recharger in the hotel in Seattle and the new headphones I bought in my parent's van in Delaware – even two backpacks of stuff is too much for me to keep track of..) Hemhorraging electronics like some modern Hansel and Gretel to retrace my path back Southeast.

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