Incredible what this sensation is. I feel like my mind is imploding in on itself…Or my body, I don't know. I moved through spaciousness to heaviness and then spaciously heavy and present, yet without boundaries. And there was another door, but its too small for questions. I knew that intuitively. I sank deeper into the ocean and found a rock covering another door and when I tried to move into it I found resistance. So I thought "what does this feel like?" "Who am I that feels this way?" And those thoughts were what kept me from squeezing through that door. They are too bulky and they buoyed me back up. I could see the threads of "I" wrapping itself around me, like I was a skinny dipper redressing myself. It feels so strange to be writing right now. So contrary to those feelings.

Incredible. Even moreso that this feeling is ALWAYS here. In that space there are no problems. There's just beingness. Here and now. My God, that feels wonderful.

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