A summary of Advaita

We are up against seemingly…SEEMINGLY a huge obstacle. This construct is the idea of a progressive “me” as the entity going through life, searching, trying to find a strategy to get to a place of ultimate rest. But all of that movement is happening in the land of relativity.

You are ALREADY THAT in which this play of relativity is taking place — you are ALREADY THIS. It is not enough that it stays as a belief — it must really be recognized in the heart, and immediately. The pressure, teh fear of failure, the pressure to succeed, all drops away as totally illusory. You are this, you are this.

The direct path has no distance, only the distance of a thought. Not a path, but a mirror. Showing you what is missed, missing the obvious.

Keep your sense of “I Am” by itself. The natural feel of existence — try not to let it identify with other thoughts, memory or images.

All thoughts are equal in weightlessness. They require your belief and interest to energize them, otherwise they are nothing.

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