French Fries that Don’t Kill?

I need to use this in the near future, so I’m storing it here. I LOVE french fries, but I’m all too conscious of the negative health effects. Trans fats, bad carbs and good old fashioned American Grease puddles pooling in your insides. Baked French Fries are apparently entirely okay, from what I’ve read. Which seems surprising but I guess the starch content isn’t quite so bad compared to baked? Unsure — though I do know from experimenting that french fries are such a mess to make and generally I like just paying $2 to get some instantly. Still…Trying to eat healthy and this recipe above seems rather straighforwards.

In the commentary section someone mentioned an intriguing way to mix seasoning for Sweet Potato fries as well (which actually have a LOWER glycemic index than regular potatoes..huh); take a gander!

“I like to make sweet potato fries that I season with cumin, cinnamon, coriander, chili powder, garlic powder, salt & pepper and some oil from my mister. I roast them at 450 for about 25 minutes. YUM!”

So making these in the near future! I just thought I’d write about something other than mindfulness practice. Earl, how are you? Antsy…Been feeling the China-burn again and getting tired of how complicated things are here. Dare I say I might even beg Gao for my job back at ALWAYS? Someone needs to read their Livejournal and see if they haven’t lost their mind for even considering it, but then again, I’m a different man now. Could be interesting times on the near horizon. Well..Things are ALWAYS (hah!) interesting.

Date tomorrow. Yet again. Go with it and stop expecting so much fulfillment. Just dance.

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