Busy, busy little beaver!

I don’t know who I am anymore!…I’m so ridiculously busy and somehow I’m sustaining this sort of momentum. Today was a day of opportunity exploration, networking and meeting great people. There’s a bit more space for this sort of thing under my introvert hat than I realized. This morning I met with the editor of Centered on Taipei, a community magazine here in Taiwan looking for writers and photographers willing to submit articles. It was neat meeting a person from WNY, for one! Holla back, Rochester! We exchanged hugs and reminisced about reasonable summer temperatures for a spell. And then Sue shared some great information about her projects, the center, the magazine, and finally an upcoming event in mid-October.

A rural community introduction is being run by the government of Changhua County, Taiwan. They want to have a cultural exchange between farmers and foreigners and ask that foreigners in Taiwan come and take pictures, work , talk and eat alongside the people of rural Changhua County. Taiwan is so much more than glitzy Taipei and I think this will be a fine opportunity to see more of this enchanted island. It’s entirely free and amazingly, I was able to secure the day off from work (normally a busy Saturday) and will be going there October 17th-18th.

This will effectively be my first photojournalism project, with the possibility of publication in a magazine. I am…Somewhat excited by the prospect, let’s say.

Did some teaching…It was teaching. Met up with another aspiring artist over tea and had a great time sharing ideas (and a TON of books and links) on everything from business practices to the meaning of Life. Bought materials to start the construction of a stock photography light box. It’s a money-saver and not terribly difficult — but I’m coming to realize just how much WORK being a freelance photographer is and will be. I’m already enjoying it; I’m teaching 23 hrs and prepare another 10 a week — and on top of that I’m researching stock photography websites, going on shoots to improve my technique, editing my creations, creating OTHER things like my light box, researching and buying a new Macbook and external HD to make my edits go faster (…Yay, debts!..Er…Investments!), networking with folks here in Taipei and being awake past midnight on a regular basis. Is this what it is to love your work? That you do it in spite of how much trouble it’s bringing you?…I have a bit of a scratchy throat from all this talking, teaching and staying up ~ I need to give proper thanks to my body by going to sleep…

After I finish these last edits…And upload…And maybe track my Macbook…Uff.

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