Photojournalism Weekend

Well its rather late in the evening…Too late. In…5 hours…I need to be up and out the door for my Changhua County farm tour in central Taiwan. But I felt it apropos to do a “before” post before the “after” that will come when I return. I’m excited. Mostly. I’m going to be writing for Centered in Taipei again, and I’m really excited to be doing a real photojournalistic story for something other than my personal blog. I have a huge stack of model release forms so I can sell any real nice pictures I take if something cool pops up. And I have high hopes – the forecast is slightly overcast but shouldn’t be rain. I have my camera patched up, full batteries, two lenses at the ready. Train tickets purchased — which deserves its own writeup as Taiwan’s train system is a real pleasure compared to a lot of other places, cough USA cough. Just need to arrange a single change of clothes for Sunday and we’re good to go!

The link for the event is here:

I won’t have to pay a dime (besides losing 8 hrs of teaching + my train tickets, but let’s be honest, this is a cool opportunity). I’m a little nervous too — anything of this nature involving large masses and not having control of what goes on and when does that to me. I’ve gotten a lot better since I’ve arrived here, relaxed a bit on my escapism and started doing art more than just occasionally and people are slightly less stressful to my introverted side now. Just need to keep the goal in sight. And that goal is…


………The goal is to have a goal? I guess make art more of a part of my life time and $$-wise. I’ve various schemes on how to make this happen and the next few months will hopefully be about testing the waters in various ways. My website is up and running at and selling wall art, shirts, mugs, greeting cards and just about anything else one might do with a photograph. Until the end of the month, coupon code ArtArtArt gets you 20% off your purchase, as well!

I have sold…A single digital download so far. $4 in the bank. Progress? Progress.

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