Dat Skeeter…

There’s a mosquito in my apartment. She’s super quiet and both relentless in her hunger and incredibly shy. Somehow, her senses are so acute the moment I take notice of her on my bare skin, she flees. But she also flees if I’m not looking. Or I blink. Or my heart beats. But she keeps coming back. She will drink and leave an itchy welt but not finish her damn meal, and then come back 2 minutes later, nibble me hard enough to leave a new welt, then vanish.

I normally try to catch mosquitoes and let them out, rather than kill them. But this one is just…I’m torn between making her a pet and using her as an aid in Metta and peaceful abiding and tearing off her wings and throwing her into a spider web.

She bit me on the nipple this morning. Right on my nipple. Wtf?!

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