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I’ve been weathering a tempest, as far as my job satisfaction goes. I’m just cresting the all-important 6-month mark here in Taipei. It’s important personally, because for the past…Four years?…I’ve been unable to hold a job for more than 6 months. Why? Well, you can very well imagine I’ve had a gooood look at what motivates me in this time. I find not enjoying my time fully or feeling like I connect with people plays a big role in the dissatisfaction I sometimes feel. Mix in the lack of real desire to connect with people outside of work. I don’t care and I want to be alone but I want to care and I don’t want to be alone. Uff…I’ve given myself a lot of permission, freedom and space since I’ve arrived and it’s done wonders but there are still elements missing. It’s sort of a swirly melted Napolean ice-cream bowl of reasons, but I’m just going to say I’m proud of myself for making it this far. Life has been good to me in providing opportunities that distract me just enough to keep me from drastically changing things, as is my way.

For just a little longer, anyways. The downhill slope to the end of my contract looms large in my sights. It’s not that KOJEN is a terrible school — my academic director and coworkers are all quite awesome and I have great students. I just don’t feel filled by my work.

I’ve found writing and photography to be quite satisfying lately. I’m hoping wherever I end up, I can somehow make this a larger part of my life. Maybe take up a work from home position doing so; it’s immensely satisfying. For one it’s something I do even if $$ isn’t involved. I like to think I have some small talent at it. And it is a skill in demand and something I’m finding $$ is slowly getting more involved. Checking Shutterstock now, I find I’m at the $5.75 as of 10 minutes ago. Someone downloaded this photo:


I snapped this while on my epic one-day vacation in Hualien. I’d ordered lunch, looked at my table. Decided I could make a decent arrangement and proceeded to snap a picture of my fresh oysters before consumption. Just made .25 off it. My plate of dumplings has been my hottest seller; also a snap from lunch in Taiwan.

Next Wednesday, I’ll be on a paid photoshoot. Paid. Most exciting. I’ll be working for/with the Taiwanese Department of Agriculture doing a shoot in some southern city; I don’t know which. For two days, they’ll be setting me up with train tickets (HSR, hell yeah!), a hotel and other amenities while I snap and document the event. So I need to be impressive.

Just wrote an article for the Changhua Rural Farmers event. And I’m thrilled to say I am featured in Centered on Taipei Magazine with a piece of the Taipei Zoo. Published! For the first time in ages…Have a look at the beautiful magazine and maybe see me on page 12-13 if you like!

I just wish…It filled me. I wish I *knew* this is it. Y’know? Well Life has continued to surprise since I’ve been in Taipei; I’m planning on returning to the US next spring, but who really knows with me? For now, I will snap and write and pray. And read! And wait for a care package from a very good friend in Austin who used a photo of mine to print a series of t-shirts. He’s sending me one, along with a couple of items that I needed shipped anyways. Good stuff — hope you are well, wherever you are, reader.

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