A Bit on The Now

I haven’t written about meditation in some time. Mostly because things have been evolving so much this year that I would invalidate any of my beliefs a month later. But right now I’m feeling the urge, so I’m going to give into it.

Time is not a thing. It’s a useful idea. But just take a moment and Be. What do you find? You are, Right Now. 10 seconds later, where are you? Now. A minute from now, where are you? Right Now. Now, Now, Now, Now, Now. Always Now. You can have thoughts about what you were, but you’re always Now.

Sometimes in meditative workshops and books, we think of being lost in thought as “being lost in the Past.” I need to “Be Present,” not “lost in the Future.” What’s sometimes missed is that you were never lost. When you were thinking in Past or Future, you are still Right Here, Right Now. That’s extremely important to recognize, that you can’t ever be anything but Present, even when you’re not.

Past and Future don’t exist. Try and find them Right Now. Literally everything you have to reference yourself is based on who you were. “I am a nice person. I am a mean person. I am funny. I am family-oriented.” All of these are based on things you did in the past. Where is the past? Gone, except for your memory. So who are You?

And what is Right Now? If God (or the Universe, for you spiritualists) is real, then God is here now, touching you. God can’t be absent or it would not be God. How do you know you are, Right Now? What keeps you from floating away in your thoughts? If someone says “are you paying attention?” you know when you were inattentive, and you know when your attention is Present. Where do you go, to be Present? What is that, that you reference? Really think about it…Isn’t that really freaking weird? I’ll say it again: “What is the thing you reference when you go from daydreaming to ‘okay, here I am, Present?”

It’s God, Time, Space and Yourself. All right there in that moment of blank Hereness. Somehow, you know that you are here, intuitively. What else is here? Keep coming back to that. That is meditation.

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  1. Reading your posts are very much like conversations with you, very enjoyable. 😀
    Hope you have a nice not stateside Thanksgiving!

    • I feel like the spoken version of this would be a bit more “rambly.” What I like about writing is being able to edit and clean up one’s thought process so your words are more precise. You can say exactly what you mean with a final draft.

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