12 Years Old and a Fresh New Look

My 12 (!!!) year old blog was in need of a facelift. Also more writings. It’s still a work in progress, but I figured it was time to:

  • Stop using “Turbotroll” as my domain name. That made sense to me, and me alone. For the lovers of obscure references, it was the name of the toy dall Jackie Chan’s daughter Jane used to play with in the cartoon series “Jackie Chan Adventures”
  • Incorporate my photography more fully into the page
  • Solidify it’s identity as a photography, travel and personal webpage. There’s no reason it can’t be all three of these things, though it’s been a struggle trying to figure out the direction I truly wanted for my site.
  • Make it more interesting. Frankly I have a lot of moody stuff and I hope to cater to..Er…Everyone else. Upcoming are planned articles on photography (including a review of a new Photoshop Workflow Overlay known as Sleek Lens)!

So all in all, I do think the new layout is quite fetching. Thoughts? I intend to also add personalized emoticons…Here’s my old selection from back in the day; but I think it’s time for some fresh ones, don’t you?

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  1. 12 years is a lot of blogging! Thanks for visiting The Glasgow Gallivanter.

  2. 14 years and counting, now! So sorry I missed your post, haha. Lovely photography you have!

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