December: Mexico City

I have almost exactly one month until I go on vacation abroad. I’m not sure if Mexico City technically counts as “abroad.” I mean, it IS in another country, but I’m on the same continent and only flying a couple of hours south…

a·broad əˈbrôd/ adverb

1. in or to a foreign country or countries.

Well, I guess Mexico City DOES count as abroad!

So I’m going abroad for holiday next month. I’ve always wanted to see Mexico City. For starters, it’s the largest city in the Americas, something I was rather surprised to learn. And also one of the oldest; founded by the Aztecs in 13-something something, though it was then razed by the Spanish in 15-something something and rebuilt as Mexico City. Still, it remains a cultural nexus point for Mesoamerica and there are a LOT of interesting places in and around the city I intend to explore.

I will have December 23rd-27th to check things out. Not nearly the time I’d like to invest but enough to see Centro Historico, Teotihuacan, and maybe take a day trip to one of the surrounding towns of interest. I haven’t decided which yet; maybe Xochimilco or Desierto de los Leones! Decisions, decisions…All of which will involve my camera, naturally.

Best of all, I hope to meet my friend Xavier for the first time! Xavier and I game on League of Legends weekly and have for a few years. He’s a software engineer who gets sent around the world on business but based in Austin. We’ve talked about getting together a few times and it looks like he’ll be in MX at the same time as me! So I’ve tasked him with showing me some good food; and he seems up to the challenge. Good stuff..!

As you may know, I’m a big fan of old architecture, and I do believe Mexico City has this in droves. I’m looking forwards to sitting and photographing some old churches…Even if my Spanish isn’t quite up to snuff to sit through a service, I should be able to chat here and there. Anyone else have vacation around the corner?

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