Muh Jerb…

One piece of advice that’s really stuck with me on a book on entrepreneurship is to simply apply for a job if you’re feeling unsure and see whether you actually look forward to the new job or start coming up with ideas on how to improve your self-employed goals.

I went to a job training today for a utility pole specialist position. It’s work that’s surprisingly well paying for something so…Not dull but not especially great. It would be work that suits introverts nicely; essentially I’d be walking around with GPS tech and a computer and hunting down utility poles. I’d log data on the poles, one by one, hundreds a day, at a tolerance of 97% accuracy. And if you’ve ever looked at a utility pole, you’ll realize just how busy and complex they are. I have to admit it was a bit shocking to actually look at them and see just how much mess there is floating around in the average neighborhood. It was…Hideous when I actually started paying attention to the tangled sprawl yet they’re so common we overlook all of it.

It was a bit of a non-standard interview in that it wasn’t an interview at all so much as an introduction and assessment. They educated us on some basic points of the position and how to identify the electric, cable, and telephone portions attached to a pole. After a brief field trip to do some assessing we had lunch and a discussion over the position benefits and salary. Which I have to say are…Nice. Very tempting. As in, super-cozy, solidly middle-class and more money than I’ve ever had. And considering how the job involves constant paid travel across the country to do assessments with food and hotel stipends, that money would be essentially banked. I’m definitely tempted.

So it’s a bit tricky since even though I did find ways to improve my self-employment I’m also in a huge rut. I’m struggling financially as Lyft Express is actually a shit program that takes ridiculous sums from your weekly paycheck to fund the car rental. I haven’t been able to get any paid shoots in and my kit is limited (need a proper portrait and wide angle lens still – where did I leave that $1300?).

But do I really want to count poles? It comes down to the quintessential struggle of “do I work to live or live to work?” And “how much do I need to love what I do?” I have to say the position would be about as ideal a job as I could hope for if I was going to throw in the towel and work for somebody else again…But I’m kinda jumping the gun since I haven’t gotten back the results of my test yet. So it may not even be in the cards at all. Still, I do like money…

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