Good Day for Street Photography

The lighting was bright and strong on this nearly cloudless 58-degree day in Charlotte so I took the camera downtown for some art-ing. The stark lighting is fun for high contrast shots using Fujifilm’s Acros monochrome profile. I’m starting to get used to the 18-55mm lens. I haven’t owned a zoom lens in a very long time so sometimes I’m a bit slow in making adjustments but I’m enjoying the flexibility.

Did I mention I love Acros?

It was a slow day for portraiture. I’m starting to realize it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission. Most of the people I asked if I could take their photos of weren’t having it today. Usually, I get better responses but I guess people just wanted to do their thing without a camera in their face. Except for this one guy, he was a good sport.

Another Good Sport

I do miss the shallow depth of field from my prime lenses, though, especially that sweet subject isolation from the Rokinon. But this is definitely a more useful focal length for street photography so I’m going to hold onto this lens for a while…Until I get that 90mm f/2, that is. But at least I can get pictures of buildings again.

I didn’t spend much time outside, though, maybe an hour or two? I need to do a bit of driving tonight to try and offset Lyft’s fees. Also, I’m turning in early because I have a job interview tomorrow for an extremely good job at what seems to be an extremely good company. More on that tomorrow. I just want to get some art here.

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