Street Photography with the Fuji 56mm f/1.2

If you’re a Fuji photographer then you either already have this lens or it’s on your wish list. I have to say it might be the perfect lens for me. Well, almost. It could be weather sealed and could focus just a hair faster. But I really like the little bit of extra reach 56mm gives me and f/1.2 just makes the background melt so nicely…

Preach it, brother!

Sometimes f1.2 wasn’t exactly perfect, like here. The item in the street pastor’s hand is way out of focus and is a bit of a distraction now. But I think composition can take a back seat here given the energy of the image. And you can’t really predict what people are going to do.

I had a great Saturday afternoon in downtown Charlotte. I’d say 95% of the people I asked portraits of gave me a yes and there were plenty of candids as well. I decided to experiment with Classic Chrome and ProNeg High today. I was missing Eterna as I traded my X-H1 for the X-T2 but I think ProNeg High checks all the right notes for great portraits straight out of camera with just minor edits later.

Such a handsome fellow; just had to have his portrait.

One of the most interesting things about street photography is how people respond while shooting candids. There’s this moment of indecision, joy, and apprehension that comes out the moment they see me shooting. Interestingly enough, the joy, childlike and radiant, usually comes to the fore.

With this woman: I simply dropped to a knee and started shooting with no explanation. She was perplexed and just started laughing the entire time.
Other times the reaction is indifference when our eyes meet and they realize I’m photographing them.

There were quite a few police officers out today as well and they were extremely willing to have their portraits taken. I think they just relish positive interactions with the public; must be hard being treated neutrally at best in a job everyone wants to criticize yet no one wants to do.

I’m pretty evenly split on color & black and white for some reason. Many street photographers seem to want to choose but I like both myself!

Light to Shadow
Dapper AF

It was a good day. Oh, and I also had my lunch paid for by a nice couple at Godavari, my favorite Indian buffet in all Charlotte today. We pretty much gushed over stuff while waiting for them to open and while in line for dosas. When I walked up the cashier said “oh, someone paid for your meal already.” How nice is that? It was a very good day. Gallery time!

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  1. Great street photography Earl, excellent composition and timing! Was in uptown last week, shot street photos in the morning and late afternoon. Hope to post soon.

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