New Lens incoming: the Fuji 23mm f/2!

So I need a new lens. I finally have some money to put towards gear and I decided I definitely needed something wider. But not too wide, y’know? And since the X-T2 is weather-sealed I wanted a lens that was also weatherized. Something that I could take out on a rainy day and use that would be nice and versatile and could pretty much stay on…

Since the 23mm on an APS-C camera comes out to a standard 35mm field of view it was definitely the most obvious choice. Also the 35mm f/2 is too close to my 56mm f/1.2 so I wanted something a little wider. I’ve honestly never owned a prime lens this wide. Zooms, yes, but never a prime, so I’m pretty excited to see what it can do. I tried a 35mm (50mm equivalent) last year and it was pretty okay but I could have used something just a touch wider so this should be perfect.

Also, I want to try my hand at video blogs. I *think* this lens might be wide enough but I might also get the 18 f/2 or 16 f/2.8/f/1.4 in the future. So yeah; new gear is always fun! Soooooonnn…

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