Waiting for Seeds to Germinate

Now that I’m a writer again I find one of the biggest challenges to staying the course is waiting for the seeds I plant to germinate. I can sow a dozen seeds in a day via Upwork job proposals, Indeed.com pitches and applications, and social media posts. But remembering that Life has its own pace is…A challenge.

What makes it harder is financial strain of any kind. And knowing that there’s always someone willing to direct my productivity in ways that don’t interest me for a doled out trickle of income. Especially here in Taiwan where ESL jobs grow like trees and the fruit is ripe. Summer hiring season for the fall is full under way. I could literally walk into an office and be working in days. But I’ve gone down that road enough times to know where it ends. I loathe what I’m doing again and I start saving and planning to escape.

The reflection makes it that much easier to tend my seeds. Quite a few sprouted yesterday and this morning! Several good job proposals from people looking for a creative freelancer. And a possible TFP model shoot here in Taipei! If the weather is kind, maybe we can do a beach shoot as I’ve always wanted to do one.

*checks forecast*

Or not…

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