Cijin Island with the 35mm f/2

Today was a mostly dry day, thankfully. It’s been raining for nearly a week straight in Kaohsiung. I decided I’d go exploring and since it only drizzled on and off I decided to head back to the Sizihwan district for some photography.

Ferry from Kaohsiung to Cijin Island. 85 Sky Tower in the background.

Last time I was here, it rained harder and I wasn’t prepared so I called off my exploration. Today I finally got wise and brought…An umbrella! Funnily enough, Taiwan has a definite “umbrella culture” – stores and people just give them away because it rains so often and it’s easy to get caught outside without one. The one I have now was a gift from a store I was popping into, to escape the rain. Considering how most people drive motor scooters rather than cars, it’s clear the Taiwanese have a very high tolerance for rain!

Cijin Island is just outside of Kaohsiung proper, forming its very own Cijin District. It’s a neat little town with tons of seafood restaurants and knick-knack stores. The beach is handily close by as well, making it ideal for day trips.

He said “hello!” through the glass. I said “hello!” back and pointed my camera at him. He laughed, hid, but didn’t disappoint.
Storms on the horizon.

I decided to take the XF 35mm f/2 today. If you read last post, it’s clear the 16mm is starting to wear on me. 50mm fov was much nicer today; I got a lot more shots that I’d consider keepers. Ever since I bought my first Canon Nifty Fifty I’ve been pretty in love with this focal length and aperture. It’s fast, it’s versatile, it’s good for street photography, portraits, and a lot else. It gives your subjects a bit of space and creates a tidier frame than the 35mm fov does.

I met an awesome fellow Westerner on the beach named Andrew. One of those folks you instantly hit it off with. He is an eclectic guy with a very deliberate way of being and speaking that I appreciated. I took some portraits for him and promised to email them.

And after that I just explored. It was nice watching the clouds roll in. I was in an Astia mood today, color-wise. Slightly bumped contrast, some Clarity and Structure in Capture One, vignettes here and there. Normally, I hate what Astia does to skin tones but today I was just feeling it and I think it works.

Except for Andrew’s portrait. I shot that in Provia as Astia makes people look Trump Orange in certain light situations. Another good day of photography.

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  1. A good day of photography indeed, there are some great shots in there. I usually stay away from Astia too, but you’re right the color palette and the tones work very well in this light.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your colours look different, what did you tweak

    • I think I remember what I did: In Camera: Astia Film Simulation, Shadows +1/+2, Capture One: Contrast to taste, Clarity/Structure +30, Highlight Recovery +50-+100. Occasional vignette/linear gradient mask to adjust the contrast of the sky at the beach.

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