85 Sky Tower + a 35mm window.

Unwittingly ended up at the top of the 85 Sky Tower in Kaohsiung the other day. I had planned on doing photography around the tower but instead I went inside and found that the admission price was very reasonable. NT$250; a fraction of what it costs to see the top of Taipei 101.

Observation Deck, Floor 74, 85 Sky Tower

Turns out, just outside the subway station, there’s also a place that sells authentic Maine Lobster rolls, of all things! I say authentic because it’s pretty hard to get wrong: grilled bun brushed with butter, mayo, real Atlantic lobster with a lemon wedge for $NT490.

Not that this has anything to do with Floor 74 of the 85 Sky Tower. I’ll save you NT$250 and show you what it’s like.

These were all shot with a mixture of Provia and Classic Chrome. I had to push the editing beyond what I usually like but the conditions were pretty hard for good images. Kaohsiung’s hazy pollution is well known; it’s nothing like China’s and today was nice after rain for a week. But it’s clearly hazy. On top of that, I’m shooting through glass that wasn’t clean with the XF 35mm f/2 (left the 16mm at home – whoops!). Still, I like these.

Also including some night photography from yesterday and some Acros from today I took on my way to a used camera store here. They have an XF 23mm f/2 they’re going to ship in Monday for me to test! I really want some width but my 16mm f/1.4 is too wide and too large for my street photography tastes!

Funnily enough, I got to try a 23mm f/1.4 and I have to say, it’s as incredible a lens as they say. But it’s also almost 3x the price used and not exactly small, either. The 23mm f/2 WR might be the way to go (again).

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  1. Cool series! it’s definitely not easy to get good cityscape shots from behind the windows of the skyscrapers. I went through the same experience in the Shanghai tower a few months ago.

    Do you think you’ll replace the 16mm with the 23mm or is it meant to be an addition to your kit?

    • I’m *thinking* to replace the 16mm with the 23mm. The focal length is awkward for a lot of my photography and it’s just a big lens so I leave it at home a lot. But I’m still on the fence as the close focus of the 16 is incredible; especially for shots of flowers, textures, insects, etc. The 23 gets soft for wide-open close images. Also, I have to admit some of my favorite images were taken by the 16 so…Difficult to say!

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