Street Portraits: Pet Edition in Tainan

ISO 200, 1/2000th, 23mm f/2 @ f/2 using Acros + Ye

Moments like these remind me how much better it can be to shoot portraits rather than candidly. This is the story telling image and I love it, even though it was entirely not what I was expecting.

I saw this woman reading on her phone while her dogs were lounging on the park table. I tried a drive-by-shoot but couldn’t get close enough to get a good image without being a distraction. I’m using the 23mm f/2 prime so you have to get quite close for a decent composition.

So I decided to walk up and ask for permission for dog pictures, hoping she’d simply stay seated and I could capture both her and her dogs in the same frame. It wasn’t ideal as I usually love candid shots but I was curious to see what I’d get.

Well, she not only got up but got seriously into an impromptu photoshoot! She took out some treats to get their attention, came over to me to get their eyes to follow…And the dogs, for their part, dutifully sat at the table, though didn’t deign to look in the direction of my camera very much.

I was honestly amused with the entire scene. Her trying to get the to look and the dogs being little jerks. Eventually, she gave up.

Still, I decided I should take at least one pet photo since I said that’s what I wanted, so here it is. One face and one butt.

One face and one butt.
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  1. It’s funny, asking to take photos always lead to surprises. You got a good story there.

  2. great shots man…. look forward to your next post

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