Portrait of a Tiny Dinosaur

As I was returning from a run this morning I saw one of my neighbors here in Tainan feeding a baby bird on his porch. I stopped to chat for a bit, then returned to my apartment to grab my camera.

XF 16mm f/1.4 for the closeup! I was hoping for a more documentary angle of him feeding the bird but he wasn’t interested in being seen in his underwear on camera so I have a foot showcasing the human element.

Looks like a pigeon, if I had to guess. Wish I knew enough Chinese to get the story of how he found it. Funnily enough, I’ve “wanted” to take this shot for awhile now. Back when I was in North Carolina, I ran across an equally sad little monster during a run and was regretting not having my camera to get a closeup. Second chances rule!

Poor little thing hunkered down the closer I got. Photography notes: Taken in Pro Neg Hi, Shadows +1, Highlights -2, Normal JPEG quality, f/5 for the first, f/1.4 aperture for the others. I was looking to sell some gear soon so I took JPEGs for eBay. And forgot to change my settings back to RAW…Whoops. Can’t toy around much with the files like I intended to. But honestly, they look really good as they are! Gotta love Fuji JPEGs straight outta camera.

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