The State of the Earl

I’ve been thinking a lot about home. Home as in the United States. And trying to build a home there again.

I’m fairly isolated right now, out in Asia. I have all of the free time I was lacking working for VentureSum and I’ve been able to secure three solid freelance clients that are paying my way out here. So my thoughts frequently turn to “what’s my long-term goal here?”

Being a freelancer is a challenge sometimes because it’s exactly what you make of it. Instead of a clearly defined career path it can be as much or as little as you like. Right now I write photography-oriented articles for a number of blogs and companies.

I can’t say this is what I set out to do when I first dipped my toe into freelancing but I’m surprisingly good at it. Each time I come back to it I find better ways to make money. I’d intended to be a freelance photographer specifically but that turns out to be a much harder niche to break into.

I still have ideas, though. Like I said, I’ve learned a lot. And I’d like to get back to the States a few months down the line with my ideas. So right now, my goal is to save a few grand and take that out West. I’ve had my eye on New Mexico for awhile now. I want the outdoors, a small population, low cost of living, decent weather, and mountains. And so far, New Mexico checks the most boxes without being absurdly expensive or crowded like Colorado or California.

I could either continue freelancing or try and find work in the outdoors. Chain sawyering, gardening, trail work, or something similar. It feels pretty good and is enough of a plan to keep me focused and wanting to write and watch the bank account grow. Nice having a bit of direction!

In the mean time, I’ll be preparing for my ayahuasca ceremony in a couple of weeks, staying in Taiwan for another week afterwards, and then going to either Thailand or Eastern Europe for a change of pace.


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  1. good luck man. It’ll all work out in the end.

  2. Oh god don’t get employed… It SO sucks

  3. Your choice of location sounds wonderful. But would you ever really want some ghastly boss? Would yoi really want to lose the precious freedom you have now?

    • I don’t know, to be honest. I don’t want to lose my freedom, no. So one possibility is to take my freelance business there and try channeling my efforts more towards the photography aspect of it and phase out the writing. Sometimes it’d be nice to just get the check and not have to hustle every day and wonder what next week’s pay situation’s gonna be like. But being my own boss does indeed rock because I have good ideas and hate having to do things someone else’s way. Decisions……

  4. Take your time in finding your path, but dont stop searching!

  5. Good luck preparing for the next few months!

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