Street Portrait: Taiyaki Couple

I wish I’d gotten their names. The wife spoke up first as I was waiting to cross. She’d lived 3 years in New York City prior and picked up some English but it’s been so long, she wasn’t very good anymore, she said! But…Pointing to her husband…”He has no English at all. Just a little.” Then they both laughed, confessed they were quite drunk, and the husband gave me his taiyaki because he could. Then went to buy himself another. Mine was custard filled; not my favorite but certainly not going to turn it down. I asked if I could take their picture and they gave me this lovely keepsake! I really need to get a portable photo printer so I can instantly share street portraits with lovely strangers in the future. Fuji X-T2 + 23mm f/2 @f/4 in Provia

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  1. Wow, so jealous. You meet people who don’t instantly strip when you offer to take photos but who give you free food on top of that. Red bean taiyaki would have been better, but hey, you didn’t even get yelled at! There’s something I must be doing wrong 😀

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