Shibuya Crossing: Tokyo, Japan

Today was a good day. I met my friend Turner for some snacking at the Indian Festival. And then Turner took me to the legendary Shibuya Crossing, home to several Tokyo landmarks and more photographers, influencers, YouTubers, and Instagrammers than I’ve ever seen at a time.

At first, I was struggling to find anything interesting in what’s objectively a very interesting place. I did some overhead shots, some street portraits of crossers, but I looked and thought “eh…These are boring. How am I making boring images at Shibuya?!

I really wanted to show the crossing in an interesting way. So I thought…What if I got lower?

Oh, hey! Now we’re getting somewhere! But what if I got…Even lower? At risk of getting kicked, I crouched, set my camera down on the concrete…And lowered my shutter speed to capture some motion blur. And I’m quite pleased with the results!

I was waiting for someone to ask me what I was doing. I was going to tell them I had a foot fetish, for laughs. But everyone was too busy to notice, which worked since they got quite close to the camera.

These last ones are my favorites. The first is a selfie shooter on the crosswalk. His shoe style tells a story, as do their posture and his lack of motion compared to the background. The original image above has a slightly different composition; not sure which one I prefer.

And this second image is of a crosser the moment the light turns green. Motion blur on his left foot while the right one is still stationary.

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  1. Definitely some interesting shots at feet level. B&W is probably a good choice too, to help remove some of the visual distractions.

    I liked the photo of the person holding the phone to take a photo too. It has good layers of depth of field.

    • I also chose B&W as it was night time and with the complex artificial light, it just didn’t look good in color. I’m glad you liked the layered shot; that was another street portrait as I offered some shots to the two girls posing for their fashion line.

  2. Love the perspective Earl. Keep up the good work.

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