Hole in the Wall Bar

Expat/tourist meetup at a dive bar in a Tokyo alleyway. Fuji X-T2 + Mitakon 35mm f/0.95

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  1. Nice one, there’s a great mood in this shot.

  2. Exceptional image Earl! Most people would have overexposed this image which would have destroyed the “atmosphere” your image creates. Well done!

    • Thanks, Lane! I’m glad you have an appreciation for natural light. Ambience is exactly what I was hoping to capture with this shot; and the lack of high ISO noise with the f/0.95 makes it even more nice to my eye.

      • I do appreciate natural light and can see you have a knack for capturing it. I also use the Fuji X system and feel it helps in capturing images like those you’ve shared.

      • Saw your blog; you have a great collection of gear! The color and handling are what I love about Fuji X. The Film Simulations are subtle yet impactful and I just enjoy shooting with these cameras. I’ve used every major brand on the market in the past but Fuji definitely feels right at home for me!

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