Beer & Smoke Break: Taipei, Taiwan

35mm f/1.4 in Classic Chrome, Vignette, added Clarity

No big deal, just what’s possibly my best street portrait to date. The best part is that I almost didn’t get this photo.

 I saw these guys sitting on the street corner smoking and having lunch, and I felt the pull but felt anxious to approach them and kept walking past…And then slowed…And said “Fuck it, I’ve already walked past so many opportunities. I have to at least try this time.”

So I pulled out my phone, looked up the word “photographer” in Chinese, and walked back and said as much and asked for a photo.

I told him he looked cool in English and pantomimed him smoking and he got it. When he saw the photo, he smiled and said “very handsome.”

Here it is in monochrome as well.

Acros + G Filter Version, Classic Clarity + 25

Dude’s photogenic AF. Not sure which I prefer but digging them both.

I did some street walking around Taipei today with the 35mm f/1.4. I uh…Traded the Mitakon in. I’m kind of tired of not having AF and having shots that look in focus but actually aren’t when I get them on the big screen. I think the 35 1.4 has more than enough blur for me and it’s a heck of a lot lighter.

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