A Collection of Street Portraits and a Question

I have some images I’ve collected from last week walking around Taipei. Not much to say other than I hope you like the pretty pictures.

Also: do any of you that use WordPress have advice on image storage options? Because as far as I can tell, they don’t offer an option to upgrade your storage on this website. The only way is to buy a Business Subscription for nearly $300/year. Also, I can’t install plug-ins without a Business Subscription. My storage limit won’t last much longer…

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  1. Can you host the photos via google photo instead of direct on WordPress? And do you have a personal account or premium? Personal allows 3 GB while premium allows 10 GB. They also suggest using Flickr or a dedicated file hosting/sharing space. https://en.support.wordpress.com/space-upgrade/

  2. I stopped uploading full resolution photos and stretched my capacity 10-fold, then coughed up the fee for the premium option, and in almost two years of daily posting have only used a single digit percentage of my capacity. The screen resolution doesn’t seem to really be affected by the file size. Give it a try for a week and see how they look.

    • I’ve been thinking about keeping the images small but I really do enjoy the full-res images. I could simply minimize them…But I already also pay for a Smugmug portfolio and I’m thinking it might be smarter to simply blog from there, which also increases my chances of getting some sales from my art!

  3. I never upload images larger than 1200px wide. I’m self-hosted and my website is 15 years old with 7,512 images (500 images per year). Storage is not an issue. I’m using 38% of my 50GB.

    • Honestly, I kind of like being able to upload full-res pics. I’m not even a pixel peeper but I can see the difference. I’m hoping to integrate my portfolio, blog, and backup, so I’m looking at switching my blog onto Smugmug’s platform (where I already have a portfolio). Infinite space for full-res images and more chance of making sales on my platform there if I give it more attention. The blogging tools are less impressive but if I’m focusing more on the photography, then maybe it won’t be so bad. I still like WordPress’s social media reach, though…Decisions….

      • According to trends, most website visitors are on mobile devices. Large images take longer to download and is a bandwidth hog for people on mobile. If you are building this website to develop a market for your photographs then do what is in the best interest of web site visitors.

        Recommendation: Use WordPress for blogging. Use reasonable size images (960px-1200px). Put links in the image caption that link to the same image on your SmugMug. In other words, use WordPress for lead generation.

        Run your website with the large image through Google PageSpeed and with the smaller image. See how they both perform.


      • I appreciate the solid breakdown on the benefits of catering to the mobile platform, Khurt. You make a good argument and it saves me time and money in the long run doing it this way. I’ll have to go through and resize some blog images but that shouldn’t take too long.

  4. I started moving everything to Flickr for hosting

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