Wide-angle Walk around JinMianShan

Today was an overcast day with flat lighting…Not the best for pictures but I wanted to get outside as it’s looking like rain for the next few days. I ended up hiking 30 minutes of the JinMianShan mountain trail but my writer’s legs weren’t up for the entire trail. I did take some pictures of some gardens some locals living on the mountain set up! Looked like they had sweet potatoes and squash growing. Made me miss my gardening/Peace Corps days…

So after that, I wandered around Taipei, took pictures of people being people, then had an amazing bowl of black garlic ramen at Ramen Nagi Dazhi Station!

I brought both the XC 15-45mm and XF 35mm f/1.4 but the XC ended up staying on my camera the entire day. I was just in a mood for wide-angle images! The XC is really good from 15-30mm. After that, it starts to get soft. So I treat it as a wide-angle to normal zoom. Also, the close focus is extremely good; on par with the XF 16mm f/1.4.

No complaints, otherwise. Well, maybe that the power zoom is quite fiddly. Takes a bit to start up and close down the camera. Great color contrast, super sharp until 30mm, and it’s extremely light. So light that there’s pretty much no reason for me not to have it on me when walking about.

I’ve been wanting to poke around these uniquely Taiwanese shops for some time, but I’m always embarrassed because people kind of live there. In Taiwan, you get these tiny niche workshops that cluster together. One might be a mechanic’s workshop, the next a restaurant, suddenly there’s a temple, and then an appliance store, and so on…They exude this grungy character that I love for some reason.

It ended up being a fun day of play. I didn’t get as much writing done as I intended but that’s how things seem to be with me lately. Just taking the time to work less and ponder more.

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  1. love how you just wander around and snap non-stop without anybody getting annoyed at you – hahahha… I find that really hard to do

    • Honestly, I try to get to the very edge of my comfort zone. I wouldn’t say people don’t get annoyed so much as the rare times it does, it doesn’t bother me that much. But I do have a tendency to just walk in, shoot first, and ask for permission later (never). When I ask the answer is usually “no” but if I just start shooting, people usually look and then shrug and go back to what they were doing. I also am getting good at zone focusing/shooting from the hip, which is easy to do with a wide-angle.

    • I think that it’s easy to do that in a large city. In a smaller town, where everyone knows everyone, its easy for the subjects to notice you, the outsider.

  2. I like this set of moody and subdued images.

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