I miss my Hobbies…

While living a traveling lifestyle has its charms, there’s quite a bit I’m starting to miss about settled life. Enough that I’m finally looking homeward again. There’s so many things I can’t do while living abroad that I used to. And while my anxiety was a major part of why I gave up a lot of my past hobbies, I see myself wanting to return to them again this coming year.

I can’t help but wonder if this is another element of my life rekindled by my ayahuasca experience. I’ve always vaguely missed these things but tolerated it in a numb sort of way. But now I know how much I want to pivot away from working and finding so much enjoyment online and how important it’s going to be to revitalize the other elements of my life.

Some things I miss and want to get back into:

  • Pets: I’ve always been an animal guy. ALWAYS. We always had animals growing up, from dogs and cats to my first aquarium at around age 8. I kept fish up through my 20’s, experimenting with aquatic plant setups, themed biomes, and even branching out into a small side business cleaning aquariums for businesses across Buffalo. Birds were also another interest of mine but I never had the money or time to properly care for one. I’d like to change this next year. I even know what dog breed I want.
  • Tabletop RPGs: I was a good Dungeon Master when I used to run games. I got started almost 2 decades ago through an invite of my roommate at the time’s and it was a pretty intense love affair for awhile. I love character creation, taking on different personas and coming up with backstories, quirks, voices, and abilities for them. I think I have it in me to take up acting for fun: I did a few plays in middle school that make me wonder if that’s a world I could return to. Either way: I have a D&D world that’s been on the back burner for nearly 5 years now. I add to it now and again as I feel like it but it’s a pretty solid setting that just needs some story arcs and intrepid explorers for me to murder.
  • Cooking: Love to cook. LOVE to cook; always have. Living in Asia, it’s time-saving and really inexpensive to just eat out. I can find plenty of healthy, delicious options so financially speaking, it makes sense to do so. But when I get back, I can’t wait to fill my spice rack again. I kinda…Have a thing about spices. Especially Turmeric. Turmeric goes on everything, even if it turns my dishes orange.
  • Growing Weird Things: I like cultivating jars of fermenting stuff in my closets. I’ve made kombucha cultures and I want to learn vermiculture and mycoculture. Black Garlic could be fun, too!
  • Clubs: Photography, gaming, meditation, hiking…Social clubs in general. I miss those. I miss learning and sharing art.
  • Clothes: It surprises most of my friends when I say this but I actually like fashionable clothes quite a bit. I’ve had to be practical because clothes take up loads of space in a bag. But when I get settled it’s so nice to have an actual wardrobe with more than 2 pairs of pants and shirts. I’d like to have more things again.

Psychedelics are still on my radar. I’ll be in Bangkok all of next month and after that, I may still go to Amsterdam. But saving to go back to the States is kind of what I’m feeling right now. I don’t quite know where or when yet. But somewhere either in the Great Lakes region or the Rocky Mountain West feels appealing. The Great Lakes is where I grew up and the West is mostly unexplored but I fell in love with Utah during a month-long stay a couple years ago.

Returning home does mean owning a car again, though…Ugh.

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