Thinking About an all-JPEG Project

So as we all know, Fujifilm is well known for having stunning out-of-camera results. Excellent JPEGs that, when you get your settings right, rarely need additional touchups. I’ve been mulling over avoiding RAW for a month to see how it affects my workflow.

For starters, I’ll be able to avoid noodling around with Capture One so much. My computer is pretty ancient and runs like it like a coal train.

My main reason for holding back is that C1 lets you adjust Fujifilm Film Simulations when shooting RAW. If I shoot JPEG, I’m stuck with whatever Film Simulation I chose upon shooting.

So in short, a creative limitation.

Those are always hard to enforce on oneself! Lately, having only 2 lenses has been a limitation I’ve been gritting my teeth over but succeeding marvelously with. My usual limit is 3 lenses, so I have room for a good deal. And there are tons of good deals here in Bangkok on used lenses.

Shooting JPEG only will help me get to know my camera settings better. There’s a lot of options for Highlights, Shadows, Dynamic Range, and other goodies I don’t play with enough. I actually started to last week and found I enjoy adjusting the Color sliders with Classic Chrome for a weird almost analog look.

I would hate to lose the Clarity slider in C1 though. The XPro3 has a Clarity adjustment (wicked!). But since my lowly XT2 doesn’t, I’d have to import my JPEGs each time as I love the extra micro-contrast…Or I can just do without it for awhile. Might be fun to try, though, so long as I’m not shooting professionally.

Has anyone else taken on a JPEG-only project?

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