Hong Kong Protest Coverage Part I

I ended up coming across an anti-Beijing protest while wandering around. I ended up snagging the 16mm f1.4 yesterday because I found a good deal and I miss having that lens. So this was the perfect test drive.

As protests go, this one was on the subdued side. Shouting and energy but no clashes with police, no damaging of private or public property…Occasional graffiti but still very tame and orderly. I was able to get up close and take portraits and talk to people.

Word on the street is that things have died down quite a bit and there’s little violence now. But the protests have clearly not ended even though Beijing seems content to pretend nothing’s going on.

I’ve been hoping I’d find my way here for a few months now. Here’s hoping I don’t get a truncheon in the eye…

Also, I wish I could get paid for this…

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