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Earth, Sol System, Orion Arm, Milky Way, Laniakea, Universe, Reality

Bio: Am I abnormal or normal? I've done so very much and what I've accomplished is of dubious value. I try to be Good and be Happy and I don't always succeed, but I never stop reaching. I'm a wanderer and a seeker who is finally finding something of value. Sometimes, I like to write, so this is where I put ideas down. Maybe you'll find them of some value; or at least entertaining!

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  1. Hey Earl
    Thanks for touching base on my website and glad you enjoyed the look of my pictures. Sorry for creating more problems for you now that you are hankering over the 16-55 (ha ha). That lens never ceases to amaze me. Just came back from 10 days with my kids in another State of Australia (5 1/2 hours flight away, Australia is huge) and took nearly 1700 images. I was blown away by the sharpness and clarity and rendering of the 16-55 lens. Now I’ve finally got rid of that wretched L/R (was having many issues), I can see my files coming alive in Capture1. The only way a prime is better is that it does give you better separation of the subject form the background.

    I like your pic’s – they look great. Take it easy and keep it touch.


  2. Hey Philip! Thanks for the reply; you’re quite right in that the only real advantage is the better separation. My 16 f/1.4 has some neat tricks (close focus + shallow depth of field + wide-angle really is a unique look that can’t be replicated by the 16-55) but I could part with my 35 and get me a 16-55mm as my main lens. I used to own the X-H1 but didn’t have lenses that made good use of IBIS. That buttery shutter tho…

    Capture One is the way to go! For one, outright owning your software is a plus but it’s definitely great for Fuji users. I’ll definitely be in touch – your article on a new approach to street photography has had me thinking.


    • Well you actually do have a lens that needs the X-H1 Earl. You mentioned before you have the 90 F2 – that was the whole reason I got into the X-H1 system. It has transformed my use of the 90mm and now my images are just so much sharper. I never thought I needed image stabilisation until I actually got the X-H1, but it is really fantastic. I even use my 16-55 now on another X-H1 so I’m stabilised all round.


  3. Oh, I meant that I didn’t have a good IBIS lens at the time I had the X-H1. Back then I just had the kit 18-55mm that already had OIS. I just got the 90mm 2 weeks ago…And now no IBIS! But I found a shop here in Taipei has the X-H1 for $750 used…My wallet is crying but my heart says YES.

    • Get it man- I’ve had so many other X cameras but the X-H1 is off the planet. It has transformed my joy of photography and keepers. I just love that smooth shutter button, bigger grip, weather sealing etc. I really loved my two X-T2’s and thought they would last me ‘forever’, but the X-H1 has moved the goalposts. I’d better shut up Earl, because you are gonna run out of money man – he he.


      • Ahhh, tempting! Philip, you’ve got me thinking about my kit layout all over again. Fuji really does make some fine equipment. I’ll have to keep an eye on it. Do you shoot for fun alone or do you work as a photographer as well? A lot of your work has a documentary flavor I really like.

      • Hey Earl – thanks for chatting. I live in a small town in the Australian outback, and there are no other photographers whom I know, so it is nice chatting to the world wide cohort – like yourself. No. I am just a crazy enthusiast and not a professional. I’ve done a few jobs over the years, but never really tried to be a professional photographer. I think that may kill it for me – turning your passion into a business can sometimes take the joy out of it. I eat, sleep and breath photography. It gives me a spring in my step to leap out of bed. I am school teacher and enjoy my job, and that pays the bills, but photography is my way to express myself.

        My wife is Vietnamese – which is great. Gives us a great reason to travel and go to Asia all the time. We just booked for a month in Vietnam at Xmas (see her parents), then we’ll take off when we are there and see some other places (she is thinking China or Japan). Iv’e almost given up taking pictures in the West. People get really agro now if you point a camera at them. That’s why I love Asia so much – over there they drag their kids out so you CAN photograph them (opposite of over here).

        Don’t stress about your kit too much Earl. It may take the joy out of your photography. Sounds like you have a great kit already which you can make work for you. Save the pennies and spend them on travel like we do and see some of this wonderful planet.

        Chat soon


      • The Internet really is amazing, eh? We can chat about our interests anywhere around the world in real-time. I’ve never been to OZ save the Sydney airport on my way to NZ but one day I’ll have to stop over.

        You’re not wrong in that it kills the joy, Philip. I’m no paid pro but when I started making a bit of money, I started thinking way more and shooting way less. Seems to be the usual pattern…

        There is a different vibe in Asia! Especially the less developed portions. People are much chiller about it and you feel less like a thief or stalker. I’m still learning how to shoot unobtrusively – when I walk the streets it’s amazing how people instantly notice your camera and look at you, even if you aren’t shooting them. Do you have a favorite country in Asia to shoot? I’ve seen a fair amount of the East but really want to get into Central Asia one day…

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